The Cemetery at Temple Balsall

temple balsall cemetery

Balsall Parish Council established the Parish Cemetery in 1920 when the Burial ground for the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Temple Balsall became full. Two acres of land were purchased from the Governors of the Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson for £50.

The cemetery is located in Temple Lane, Temple Balsall between Knowle and Balsall Common off the B4101, The carpark is located on the left just past the lych-gate. If you use a satnav the post code is B93 0AL,

A lych-gate in memory of the men of Balsall who died during the Great War was erected and the cemetery was consecrated by the Bishop of Birmingham in 1921. A further inscription on the lych-gate arch was added to commemorate the dead of World War Two.

War graves and Harry Williams

temple balsall cemetery williams gravestoneThe grave of Harry Williams, co-author of “It’s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary” can be found in the older part of the cemetery. Balsall Common Lions recently cleaned and renovated the grave.

A footpath known locally as The Breadwalk runs behind the school and Foundation of Lady Katherine Leveson in Temple Balsall toward St Mary the Virgin Church and onto the cemetery. Harry Williams grave can be found at the cemetery end of the Breadwalk.

In the NorthWest area of St Mary’s cemetery lies the only recorded World War 1 grave of RAF Cadet PJ Evans aged 18.

In the Warwickshire Graves Registration Report Form there are four World War 2 graves – three can be found together in the southeast corner of the cemetery: F/O Voller, Cadet Davis, F/O Hyde. The fourth, P/O Truelove is buried in a family grave to the left of the path from the lych-gate.

The cemetery has increased in size: a quarter of an acre in 1970 and a further 2 acres more recently.

Balsall Parish Council continues to maintain and manage the cemetery. In 2017 the Friends of Temple Balsall Cemetery Group was formed from volunteers of the U3A Garden Group, Balsall Common Lions and Balsall Parish Councillors with the aim to help maintain and keep the grounds tidy.

The Memorial Garden for scattering ashes was completed in 2017 and the first memorial plaque has been attached to the Memorial Wall.

If anyone has any historic information available please do send the information we would be happy to include on our website.

Memorial Garden

Memorial GardenIn late 2016, with a legacy from the Arnold family, Balsall Parish Council began to plan a Memorial Garden for the scattering of ashes. The Memorial Wall, where plaques to remember loved ones can be attached, has been built and the area surrounding it has been landscaped. 

With the help of the U3A Garden Group and Balsall Common Lions and Balsall Parish Councillors – the Friends of Temple Balsall Cemetery has been formed to tidy up the existing beds and plant several hundred bulbs.  The landscaping is ongoing and hopefully in early 2018 the group will be planting 15 fruit trees in the area.  

Should you wish to join the group please contact the Parish Clerk on 01676 535 679

There are several benches near the Memorial Wall and Balsall Parish Council hopes that residents will use them for quiet contemplation as the garden evolves.

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